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Optique Peter proposes a wide range of optics for X-Ray imaging systems.

Our references :

France: ESRF – Soleil Synchrotron– EMBL – IBS
Germany: Desy (Hambourg) – Bessy (Berlin) – Anka (Karlsruhe) – KIT-IMT (Karlsruhe) – RWTH (Aachen) – Dresden University –Göttingen University
United Kingdom: Synchrotron Diamond
Switzerland: SLS Zürich – ETH
China: SSRF (Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
USA : LSU CAMD (Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices)

Optique Peter is partner of the European Commission funded ScinTAX program for the development of new scintillators.
More info on the web site www.scintax.eu

PHOTO GALLERY| Applications examples in the field of synchrotrons

> X-Ray imaging Microscopes
> X-Ray imaging Macroscopes
> Mirror objectives for X-ray imaging
> 45° Observation
> Spectroscopy
> Video microscopes
> Lightings

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Image courtesy Dr Simon Zabler - Max-PLank Institute - Postdam-Golm