| From 1790 up to 2009, the success story...

The history starts in 1790...
The optician Grégoire creates a spectacle workshop in Lyon. The Grégoire family owns it along the 19th century.
In 1898, Henri Peter, a spectacles merchant, buys the Gregory Shop located Place Bellecour in Lyon. The Henri Peter Company is born.
In 1920, André Rochet, Henri Peter’s son-in-law, joins the company. He designs in link with Docteur Garel a stereolaryngoscope, commercialised up to the USA.
In 1950, Henri Rochet, Henri Peter’s grandson, creates an optical and mechanical workshop in order to manufacture some specific applications.
In 1980, the company develops its first radiation hardened camera dedicated to nuclear applications.

In 1994, Xavier Rochet, Henri Peter’s great-grandson joins the company.
Optique Peter develops opto-mecanichal systems in different fields: nuclear, microelectronics, machine vision, industries, research and medical.

The 21st century points out the ability of Optique Peter versus technological challenges in France and worldwide.