On-site maintenance, workshop repairing, calibration, equipment modification

Optique Peter offers a range of service in order to match with your requirements evolution:
• the necessity to ask for external certified or habilited contractors
• the alignment on constraints in link with certifications and instruments calibration
• the technological developments in the fields of optics, microscopy and digital imaging
• the user’s training

The proposed services :
• Modular contracts possibility
(Preventive maintenance, calibration, duration, frequency of visits…)
• Expanded coverage to instruments including optical parts or others
(after initial expert)
• Training session (certified organism) to the use of equipments, imaging softwares
and first level maintenance
• Calibration operations using certified micrometers (COFRAC,…)
• Nuclear on-site operations by the means of CEFRI and medically habilited engineers

Maintenance service description (e.g.)
• Cleaning of optical components
• Check, setting, centering of optical components
• Cleaning, lubrification and check of mechanical movements
• Check in different observation modes

In case of technical impossibility or risky operation in on-site dismounting

Optique Peter also offers a range of internal services to be able to respond to your demands :
• the growing safety norms evolution
• the necessity of options, connections, or non-existing peripherals in main constructors

The offers :
• Studying and quick quotation for equipment upgrading/adaptation
(microscopes, stereomicroscopes, lightings, machine vision…)

Works description (e.g.)
• Internal adapted mechanical parts machining
• Transformation to get in respect with safety regulations
• Manufacturing of video outputs on old model microscopes
• Manufacturing of specific lightings (optical fibres, low tension, LEDS)
• Transformation/adaptation of microscopes (motorisations, sensors mounting,…)