Grégoire, an optician, created a workshop for making spectacles in Lyon. It remained in the hands of the Grégoire family throughout the 19th century.

IN 1898,

Henri Peter, a spectacles trader, bought Maison Grégoire, which was then located in Place Bellecour, Lyon. Maison Henri Peter was created.

IN 1921,

Henri Peter, in collaboration with Doctor Garel, developed a stereo-laryngoscope, which was exported as far as the USA.

IN 1925,

André Rochet, Henri Peter’s son-in-law, joined the company, where he developed the distribution of ophthalmic equipment and microscopes.

IN 1950,

Henri Rochet, Henri Peter’s grandson, created an optics and mechanics workshop for special applications.

IN 1980.

The company developed a radiation-resistant video camera for nuclear applications.

IN 1994,

Xavier Rochet, Henri Peter’s great-grandson, joined the company.

Optique Peter now makes optomechanical systems for various sectors of activity: nuclear, synchrotrons, research, vision machines, microelectronics, industry, medical.

IN 2023,

Optique Peter exports to 30 countries.